Industrial Electric Thermal Scanning

thermal imaging troubleshooting electrical systemsOver time all electrical systems, equipment, and components deteriorate. This deterioration manifests itself in many forms – loose or corroded joints and connections; insulation resistance breakdown; and worn and pitted parts. This deterioration results in poor conductivity from high resistance and causes a rise in temperature. If unaddressed, the temperature will continue to rise over time to the point of overheating resulting in component failure and equipment damage and potentially fire.

Periodic inspections using thermal imaging techniques exposes these problems, which otherwise are not visually apparent. This proactive approach of the electrical panel and electric components can identify remedial action before system failures or worse occurs.

Infrared inspection, when included as part of a new installation, can also provide assurance of proper connection and installation.

electric thermal imaging scannerBenefits of Thermal Imaging of Electrical Systems

  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Increased capital equipment lifespan.
  • Increased safety, Reduced risk of fire.
  • Thermal imaging surveys are non-invasive, non-destructive, and can be completed while plant and equipment are running, in production and under load.
  • Thermal imaging surveys produce fast, accurate and immediate temperature measurement and fault detection.
  • Regular and periodic thermal imaging increased reliability and efficiency of plant and equipment results in reduced breakdowns; reduce maintenance costs and production losses.
  • Thermal image surveys can be performed at a convenient time and tailored to each client’s individual requirements.
  • Thermal imaging of electrical systems helps industries comply with insurance requirements and complements their existing risk mitigation measures.
  • Thermal image surveys can be incorporated into existing predictive and preventative maintenance programs.

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