Industrial Generators

Industrial Power GeneratorBe prepared for extended power outages and ward off any electrical crisis with an industrial generator installed by C & J Industries Inc. Ensure your facility can continue operating even during electrical emergencies. Many facilities cannot afford to simply ride out a power outage until the electricity starts working again. This is why many commercial properties have installed emergency standby generators in order to protect their investments and keep equipment running, even during power outages.

By installing a high-capacity industrial generator, your facility will be capable of running the necessary equipment such as heating, air conditioning, food service appliances, medical equipment, lighting and more. Our electricians can help you select the generator that best suits your facilites needs and budget.

How Your Industrial Generator Works

An industrial generator will sit patiently waiting to provide your facility with the power it needs. Within seconds of a power outage, the automatic transfer switch on the generator will detect the loss of power from your utility line and safely disconnect the utility line. Simultaneously, it will connect a new power line from the generator and restore power to your facility. Once the utility power has been restored, the automatic transfer switch will detect it and return to standby mode.