Controls & Switchgear - Installation and Maintenance

switchgear control box power panelControls & Switchgear Installation

Low, Medium and High Voltage applications, we can implement New Switchgear Installations, modify existing switchgear systems, or replace and retire aging and unreliable switchgear equipment.

Controls & Switchgear Maintenance

Switchgear repair and maintenance is vitally important to electrical safety. Implementing effective switchgear testing, inspection, and maintenance is essential. When switchgear malfunctions, the consequences are often catastrophic. Damage to the switchgear itself can be extremely expensive, but that pales in comparison to corollary damage and the potential hazards to people. Even switchgear labeled “maintenance free” requires periodic testing and maintenance.

C & J Industries has extensive experience in switchgear repair, unparalleled technological expertise ensures all switchgear meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Regular inspections and maintenance make the difference between a plant that keeps humming along and one plagued by shutdowns.

We provide on-site and in-shop services including:

  • Relay Testing
  • Reconditioning, retrofitting and conversions of switchgear
  • Thermal imaging analysis
  • Transformer repair/replacement
  • Bushing and insulator repair/replacement
  • Circuit breaker repairs, retrofitting and replacement

Do you suspect a problem with your electrical controls and switchgear? Contact C&J Industries Inc. for a thorough inspection.