Industrial Electrical Service

main switch gear serviceC&J Industries Inc. is an electrical contractor that knows industrial plants and facilities. We can get your new plant up and running or maintain an existing facility. Each of our electricians has over ten years of field experience and have worked extensively in industrial facilities. Let us get your new installation on-line and keep it running, through on-going maintenance.

Industrial Electrical Service Specialists

New electrical service installation - If you are breaking ground on a new plant or facility, we will properly install your electrical systems, inside and out. C&J Industries brings the knowledge and experience required to handle the most complex installments of any size.

Troubleshooting and electrical repair - We are trained and experienced electrical problem solvers. If you are experiencing electrical issues, our technicians will thoroughly examine the area, diagnose the problem, and recommend the best course of action.

Lighting system upgrades and installation - Lighting is a vital to industry, especially in plant and factory settings. You must have the proper lighting to keep your employees safe. Whether you are placing soft recessed lighting in the offices or bright LED lights on the production floor, we can help.

Switchgear, panels, controls, board installation, and expansion upgrade - C&J Industries Inc. Electrical Contractor can install, maintain, and repair. As your facility grows and changes, your electrical needs may grow and change as well. You may need service upgrades to increase the capacity of your electrical system. Our extensive electrical experience ensures that all switchgear meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

Infrared thermal scanning - Periodic inspections using thermal imaging techniques exposes electrical issues and faulty areas, which otherwise are not visually apparent. This proactive approach of the electrical panel and electric components can identify remedial action before system failures or potential danger can occur. Infrared inspection, when included as part of a new installation, can also provide assurance of proper connection and installation.

Emergency lighting, exit signs installation, repair, and inspection - When the power goes out, do your emergency and exit lights go on? Do they remain lit for the required 90-minutes to allow for a safe exit from the building? During a power outage is not the time to find out. C&J Industries offers service, inspection, installation and repairs of all manufacturers’ emergency lighting, exit signs, and central lighting inverter systems.

Industrial Generators - By installing a high-capacity industrial generator, your facility will be capable of running the necessary equipment such as heating, air conditioning, food service appliances, medical equipment, lighting and more. Our electricians can help you select the generator that best suits your facilites needs and budget.

Underwater electrical specialists - We are scuba certified and ready to dive into your underwater electrical project!

  • Pool lighting
  • Pond lighting
  • Marine applications
  • Dock lighting

scuba certified underwater electrical repair serviceunderwater repaired pool lightunderwater electrical repairs