Commercial Electrical Services

electical distribution switch panel wiringC & J Industries provides quality commercial electrical contracting services. We can help you reduce risk and avoid catastrophe with our scheduled preventative maintenance, thermal imaging inspection service, and installation of emergency power generators that will keep you operating when your competitor is “down”.

We are Commercial Electrical Service Specialists

New electrical service installation - If you are breaking ground on a new location, we will properly install your electrical systems, inside and out. C&J Industries brings the knowledge and experience required to handle the most complex installments of any size.

Troubleshooting and electrical repair - We are trained and experienced electrical problem solvers. If you are experiencing electrical issues, our technicians will thoroughly examine the area, diagnose the problem, and recommend the best plan of action.

Lighting system upgrades and installation - Lighting sets the tone of your business. Whether it's a brand-new space or you are updating an existing one, we can install any lighting from bright LED to soft recessed lighting.

Switchgear, panels, controls, board installation, and expansion upgrade - Do you need electricity? From installation to maintenance to repair, we have you covered. As your business grows, you may need service upgrades to increase the capacity of your electrical system. C&J Industries can help you. Our extensive experience ensures that all switchgear meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

Infrared thermal scanning - Thermal imaging detects electrical inefficiencies and fault areas before they become disastrous. When parts of your electrical systems begin to have problems, they give off heat – usually a sign of electrical resistance or excessive friction. Abnormal temperatures can be easily identified and any potential problems resolved before they begin.

Emergency lighting, exit signs installation, repair, and inspection - When the power goes out, do your emergency and exit lights go on? Do they remain lit for the required 90-minutes to allow for a safe exit from the building? During a power outage is not the time to find out. C&J Industries offers service, inspection, installation and repairs of all manufacturers’ emergency lighting, exit signs, and central lighting inverter systems.

Commercial Generators - Keep your business running during a power outage. When the power goes out your security systems stop working, refrigerated goods spoil, registers are down, and customers are turned away. Keep your customers when the power is out with a standby generator.

Underwater electrical specialists - We are scuba certified and ready to dive into your underwater electrical project!

  • Pool lighting
  • Pond lighting
  • Marine applications
  • Dock lighting

SCUBA certified underwater electrical repairSCUBA certified underwater electrical services