Electric Sign & Message Center Wiring

Two electricians completing a commercial sign wiring projectC&J Industries Inc. provides reliable, professional, commercial underground sign wiring. While we will often use directional boring, we also do a lot of trenching. So when you need to get electrical or communications wiring underground between two points, give us a call and we will come out and help you determine the most effective and economical solution for your project.

When it seems like you can’t get you needed electric and data wiring from here to there — call C & J Industries. We have the equipment to install wiring underneath roads, sidewalks, and parking lots for hundreds of feet!

It's true! You can get wiring over there!

Underground is always better than overhead — it looks cleaner and is better protected from potential physical damage or lightning-induced transients. We also do traditional trenching and trench back-fill when appropriate.

  • Parking lot sign wiring/re-feeds
  • New parking lot sign electrical feed installation
  • Wire between buildings — when trenching is not an option
  • Running wires under driveways, roads (private & public), parking lots, sidewalks, etc.

commercial sign service electric feedcommercial sign underground wiring